This is a detailed description of every hole on our course.

Welcome to The 9 at Shawnee Golf Club! We hope you have a very fun and memorable day on our very unique golf course featuring small raised greens that truly test your short game!


Hole #1 400/385 yard Par4

Very demanding 1st shot required here to get your day off to a positive start. Slight bend to the left which rewards a well-placed tee shot down the right center of the fairway. As is the case throughout your day here, shots coming up short of the green, but on line, are much more favorable than missing long or left or right with potential for short siding yourself with these green complexes.


Hole #2 160/100 yard Par3

Very good test after getting warmed up on the first hole. Featuring our only two bunkers on the course with a green that has some pretty decent slope on the front half of the putting surface, a par here is a tremendous boost of confidence for what’s coming at you next on the 3rd hole!


Hole #3 420/360 yard Par4

This hole is and has been rated as one of the hardest holes in WNY!!! Play it once and you will not forget this place. The tee shot requires absolute precision w/ distance (and lots of time, LUCK!). Driver isn’t always the wisest play here, as you want to get the ball down the left center of the fairway to have any chance of an “easy” second shot to a green that’s rarely hit in regulation. Take your medicine on this hole and be proud of a bogey!


Hole #4 474/424 yard Par5

This fun and shorter Par5 features a large pond off the tee and second shot down the left side with two ravines crossing the fairway and trees down the right side to boot, making strategy off the tee a must to achieve par or better. A perfect layup off the tee is 190 yards, and when going for the green in two or three, be cognizant that you are going slightly up hill to the green.


Hole #5 390/340 yard Par4

Very straight hole with a ravine to crossover on your approach shot to the green unless you’re the longest of hitters and can carry 290 yards to safety! It’s paramount to keep this hole in front of you, as anything but on or short of the green is going to make for some fun and difficult chipping.


Hole #6 350/283 yard Par4

VERY fun hole! A wicked, almost 90 degree dogleg right that tempts your golfing greed in trying to get the tee shot up and over some very mature trees. Course management here is to get you tee shot in play and avoid the big number on this shortest par 4 with a green that slopes left to right on the right half of the surface.


Hole #7 200/190 Par3

This hole is a tall test to begin with, but even more treacherous with windy conditions. Boasting our largest green and minimal forgiveness if a shot is missed to the left side, making a 3 here sets you up for a great finish!


Hole #8 360/340 Par4

A pure dogleg right with ample room straight out off the tee to land your drive and be in good position to attack this flat green. If you’re feeling it at this point of your day and are daring in trying to cut off the corner, be advised there is a bulky tree not visible from the tee box that eats good shots that are not towering.


Hole #9 526/426 Par5

This finishing hole features a sharp dogleg to the right and begs you to get greedy and bite off more than you can chew! The safe shot and smart play is to aim for the storage shed in the backyard in the distance at the bend for ideal placement, but if you can carry 245+ yards and you acknowledge the wind, let it rip over the corner to give yourself a chance for an eagle finish!

After you have completed this test of golf, stop into the clubhouse for a cold beverage and some good eats and post your review on our Facebook page; The 9 at Shawnee Golf Club~


Thank you for spending a couple hours at what we hope will become your go to golf destination!


RP – The 9 At Shawnee Golf Course